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Cool Rooms, Freezer Rooms… made in Newcastle NSW.

We know from experience that cool rooms and freezer rooms are a big investment…we have lots of them ourselves. As such we have become pretty good at building them.

One thing we have learned is there is a wide disparity in quality and this is reflected in the price. Cheap imported insulated panels are now available, (you can find them on Ebay), but we refuse to use them. We only use the highest quality panels manufactured in Sydney by Bondor.

The same goes for the refrigeration gear. There is lots of cheap refrigeration equipment on the market but it just does not last and getting spares down the track is difficult

This may suit some buyers, and that’s OK, but we don’t build that type of gear. We only want to build high quality cool rooms.

Refrigerated Display Cabinets

Maslen cool room glass doors

If you need a refrigerated display cabinet, or a display front built into your cool room then we use Maslen door inserts. These are manufactured in Queensland and come pre-assembled with lighting and shelving built in. They just slide into the front of your new cool room. See the Maslen website for more info on door sizes and the finishes available.

Cool rooms and freezer rooms can be built to just about any shape and size. We make them fit into the space you have. All cool rooms are built to the Australian Standards in terms of lighting, safety door latches etc.

About Cool Room Panels

All cool room panels come with a white colorbond surface. They have a standard width of 1200mm. Cool room panels are custom made and come cut to length to suit your job so as to minimise unnecessary joins. We also seal each join with a special urethane sealer to minimise air leakage and provide a better seal. All this provides a more efficient cool room and cuts down your power consumption to save you money in the long term. Maslen cool room glass doors

Required panel thickness is determined by a number of factors including:

  • your application (cool room or freezer room);
  • indoor or outdoor;
  • space available (very important with mobile cool rooms)

You can choose from normal (cheaper) polystyrene panels or the more efficient polyurethane panels. Thicknesses available are 50mm, 100mm, 150mm and more.

Polystyrene panels are the cheapest but polyurethane panels have much better insulation properties than polystyrene of the same thickness. Most times you can get away with the cheaper panel and just use a thicker panel but sometimes when space is tight you may need to use a 50mm polyurethane panel instead of a 100mm polystyrene panel. Fire resistant panels are also available.

Costs generally increase with size but each cool room is unique. Freezer rooms a generally more expensive to build than cool rooms. Refrigeration equipment is custom sized to your unique application. You cannot just cut and shut an old cool room into a new location. The original compressor may not work properly. A compressor that is too big can give as much trouble as a compressor that is too small.

Some factors that are considered are:

  • Product to be stored;
  • Temperature of product before it goes into the room;
  • Exterior heat load on the room;
  • Frequency of doors opening;
  • Size and types of lighting.

If you are interested in a coolroom you need to call us. We assess your needs and then get one of our refrigeration engineers to calculate the exact size of the equipment required to do the job.

Machinery Installation


All contractors out there know how to terminate wires, but not too many know how to calculate cable size correctly (as per AS 3008). Most times they just make an educated guess, and then go up a couple of sizes - just in case. Not only is this costly and inefficient, but it makes you doubt their ability when the electrical contractor fails to understand the most fundamental part of his business.

M2M Communication


If you operate remote equipment and need a solution to keep in contact, we can help you. We have hands on experience with aggregating equipment to obtain economical M2M solutions. Be it a simple SMS solution, data collecttion or remote switching, we know how to do it. Utilize the power of 4G Wireless Data services and wireless IP networking. Static IP and VPN access also available.

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Custom Machinery


We have design and manufacture experience in specialist machinery and we can custom build something to suit your task. If possible we can fabricate it right here in Newcastle. We love taking on a challenge so give us a try before you start looking out of town. We are more than happy to offer advice and I am sure we can steer you in the right direction.