M2M industrial 4G modem

M2M in Newcastle...?

Are you based in Newcastle and need a solution to communicate with remote equipment?

Machine to machine communication (M2M) has come a long way in the last few years and there is a minefield of different options available to consider.

The industry is all built around the cheap and easy access to 4G data. This allows effective M2M applications to be enabled by even the smallest business.

M2M can be used to cut costs and improve productivity in nearly every industry. Equipment and implementation costs vary wildly depending on how complicated you want to make the solution. This is where our experience comes into play. We started out doing this stuff for our own applications but now you can have access to our knowledge and capitalise on the mistakes we’ve already made!

Some more common applications include healthcare monitoring, machinery monitoring and control, digital signage, security & surveillance, asset monitoring, fleet management, agriculture, utilities data capture, environmental monitoring and vending machines.

Etm intelligent terminal/modem

An overlooked area is the use of Blueooth and Wi Fi. If you are looking to impliment a solution across a large site, why not use the tools you already have? You would be amazed at what you can do with Bluetooth and Wi Fi!

With M2M you can do a myriad of different things:

  • Collect data from remote sensors, (air, water, soil moisture);
  • Store the data locally, send it to a server, or get it sent to you phone via SMS;
  • View machine operations and data from an App on your smartphone;
  • Use the data as trigger for remote equipment operation;
  • Track vehicles and equipment;
  • Monitor and control refrigeration and air conditioning installations;
  • Keep an eye your electricity supply and receive warnings in the event of service interruptions;
  • Remote control of lighting and other electrical appliances;
  • Integrate legacy machines and PLC’s into a modern system that can talk to Windows applications;
  • Control digital signage and change messages remotely;
  • Monitor patient health from a patient’s own home;
  • Unattended payment systems for vending machines;
  • Use Bluethooth and Wi FI for marketing purposes at large events and shows.

Etm data logger

For the average manager we understand that getting your head around all the different technologies is difficult. Technology changes fast and you need to get a decent ROI on whatever solution you pick. As a Newcastle based firm we can help you navigate the minefield.

Whatever you need, we can probably find a solution for you. Simple solutions are cheaper than you think. Older technology has come down a lot in price and can still offer useful solutions to most people.

More complicated systems are also cheaper now with Embedded PC’s giving you access and integration of your data to Windows applications.

We work with specialist hardware partners in Australia and overseas like M2M One and ETM Pacific. This enables you to have access to the latest and best technology, while still enjoying the benefits of dealing with a local firm to guide you through the process.

If we don’t have the all the answers we know who to ask as we already have established relationships with major vendors. Give us a call on 0412 214922 for advice and let’s see if we can help you.

Machinery Installation


All contractors out there know how to terminate wires, but not too many know how to calculate cable size correctly (as per AS 3008). Most times they just make an educated guess, and then go up a couple of sizes - just in case. Not only is this costly and inefficient, but it makes you doubt their ability when the electrical contractor fails to understand the most fundamental part of his business.

M2M Communication


If you operate remote equipment and need a solution to keep in contact, we can help you. We have hands on experience with aggregating equipment to obtain economical M2M solutions. Be it a simple SMS solution, data collecttion or remote switching, we know how to do it. Utilize the power of 4G Wireless Data services and wireless IP networking. Static IP and VPN access also available.

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Custom Machinery


We have design and manufacture experience in specialist machinery and we can custom build something to suit your task. If possible we can fabricate it right here in Newcastle. We love taking on a challenge so give us a try before you start looking out of town. We are more than happy to offer advice and I am sure we can steer you in the right direction.