mobile cool room 6 metres

Mobile Cool Rooms

Why drive down the freeway when you can get everything you need right here in Newcastle.

We have wide experience in building all types of trailerised mobile equipment, not just mobile cool rooms. Check out our mobile bar photos on this page.

We can custom build to any size and configuration you need.

You will find that most cheap mobile cool rooms in the market place are constructed with inferior imported materials and are built with little thought to longevity.

Springs, axles and other running gear are all at the bare minimum standard just to keep the cost down.

All our trailer gear is constructed with high grade components from All States Trailer Spares. You may pay a little more but your cool room will last a lot longer than a cheap unit. Choose from a painted frame or a hot dip galvanised frame.

mobile cool room with bar

Legal Road Limits

Under the road rules a trailer can have a maximum width of 2.5 metres. Maximum height is 4.3 metres. Length is reasonably free but there are limits. For normal mobile cool rooms length will never be an issue.

The other limiting factor is weight. Anything over 750kg (loaded) requires a double axle and a braking system.

You can choose over-rider brakes or electric brakes (electric brakes are great!). Electric brakes require you to install a brake actuator in the towing vehicle.

mobile coolroom with bar

Anything over 2 tons (loaded) and you need brakes on all four wheels. Maximum weight is 3.5 tons.

As the weight rating goes up, so does the size of the running gear so generally a 3.5 ton trailer will be higher off the ground than a 2 ton trailer.

3.5 tons is the maximum allowed (without a truck) but keep in mind that you need a large vehicle rated to tow this heavy.

Another little trick to know is that a single axle trailer has a maximum weight rating of only 750kg. If you see a mobile coolroom such as this then you have to understand that you cannot transport it when it is full of product. Single axle mobile cool rooms are only designed to be used while they are stationery.

mobile cool room with  bar

As you can see this is quite a specialised area. There are some other factors not mentioned here so give us a call and we can answer all your questions.

Machinery Installation


All contractors out there know how to terminate wires, but not too many know how to calculate cable size correctly (as per AS 3008). Most times they just make an educated guess, and then go up a couple of sizes - just in case. Not only is this costly and inefficient, but it makes you doubt their ability when the electrical contractor fails to understand the most fundamental part of his business.

M2M Communication


If you operate remote equipment and need a solution to keep in contact, we can help you. We have hands on experience with aggregating equipment to obtain economical M2M solutions. Be it a simple SMS solution, data collecttion or remote switching, we know how to do it. Utilize the power of 4G Wireless Data services and wireless IP networking. Static IP and VPN access also available.

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Custom Machinery


We have design and manufacture experience in specialist machinery and we can custom build something to suit your task. If possible we can fabricate it right here in Newcastle. We love taking on a challenge so give us a try before you start looking out of town. We are more than happy to offer advice and I am sure we can steer you in the right direction.