Refrigeration Checklist

Refrigeration is really very simple. If everyone did the things on this list you would hardly ever need to call us!


(1) Clean the outdoor condensor unit coils regularly.

(2) Check all fans are working on the outdoor condensor unit. If the unit has multiple fans, some may only turn on when the weather is hotter.

(3) Clear away leaves and other debris from around the unit that can inhibit good airflow.


(4) Clean the indoor evaporator unit coils regularly.

(5) Check all fans a working on the indooor evaporator unit.

(5) Keep the door closed on your coolroom as best as possible, especially on humid days.

Excessive humidity can cause the evaporator to frost over quickly and this reduces airflow. The hard frost also builds up and can damage evaporator fans.

If your unit seems to be frosting up excessivly it needs to be looked at before it causes worse problems.


(6) Keep an eye on motor capacitors for signs of deterioration. Capacitors are attached or located in close proximity to motors (fans). Capacitors come in a few different shapes and sizes.

Deterioration could be a sign of more complicated problems. Some may leak oil and others may deform over time.

Capacitors are more likely to fail during a period of hot weather and a failed capacitor will cause a motor to stop working.


(7) Visually inspect piping and look for signs of tiny oil leaks. This is a sign the system could be losing gas. Also watch out for failing insulation around piping. This makes the system a lot less efficient and you won't notice the lack of performance until a hot day comes around.

(8) Become familiar with the noises your machine makes when it is running correctly. Any change in noise is a sign there is a problem. The quicker you call us, the cheaper it usually works out.

Why us? - Refrigeration


Our refrigeration service is bought to you by the same people who look after Da-Ice Vending Machines all over Newcastle. The ice business is mission critical. Profits are only made in narrow windows of opportunity when everybody wants ice at the same time. Uptime is a must as a riot can literally ensue when a Da-Ice Vending Machine is down. We don't like to be the cause of civil unrest, so the machines are kept in tip top operating condition to guarantee you cold beer on Christmas Day. If this is the dedication you are looking for to help you with your refrigeration, give us a call.

Cool Rooms


Do you need a coolroom, freezer or refrigerated display case constructed? We can build you just about anything. You must be forewarned though as we only use the best components and this may not suit a lot of customers. The old saying is "you get what you pay for", and it applies to refrigeration components just as much as anything else. So if you are willing to risk sacrificing a cool room full of stock to save a few bucks on a cheap cool room with sub-standard components, call someone else.

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Mobile Cool Rooms


We can build mobile coolrooms and freezers, big or small in any size and configuration you need. There is a lot of cheap crap stuff out there availabe on Ebay etc, but we refuse to build to such low quality. We build gear to last so if this is what you want give us a call to discuss your needs.

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