Commercial Refrigeration in Newcastle...?

We don't just DO refrigeration. We work with you closely to minimize or eliminate downtime.

Refrigeration Management

Most fridgeys just want to turn up, gas it up in the shortest posssible time and then get going onto the next job. The key to successful refrigeration managment is to slow down and take a look at the big picture, while not missing the little things. It's usually the little things that bring you un-stuck and it always happens in peak time.

That is the nature of poor refrigeration management, but we refuse to operate this way. It makes us look bad when the client wants to take a short cut because it always comes back to bite them, usually on the busiest day in the middle of summer.

If this is how you operate, don't call us, but if you really want to save money and have minimum down time, we are the people you should talk to about your refrigeration requirements.

Why us? - Refrigeration


Our refrigeration service is bought to you by the same people who look after Da-Ice Vending Machines all over Newcastle. The ice business is mission critical. Profits are only made in narrow windows of opportunity when everybody wants ice at the same time. Uptime is a must as a riot can literally ensue when a Da-Ice Vending Machine is down. We don't like to be the cause of civil unrest, so the machines are kept in tip top operating condition to guarantee you cold beer on Christmas Day. If this is the dedication you are looking for to help you with your refrigeration, give us a call.

Cool Rooms


Do you need a coolroom, freezer or refrigerated display case constructed? We can build you just about anything. You must be forewarned though as we only use the best components and this may not suit a lot of customers. The old saying is "you get what you pay for", and it applies to refrigeration components just as much as anything else. So if you are willing to risk sacrificing a cool room full of stock to save a few bucks on a cheap cool room with sub-standard components, call someone else.

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Mobile Cool Rooms


We can build mobile coolrooms and freezers, big or small in any size and configuration you need. There is a lot of cheap crap stuff out there availabe on Ebay etc, but we refuse to build to such low quality. We build gear to last so if this is what you want give us a call to discuss your needs.

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